Zero-Turn Mowers-What is so good about them?

Those who have zero-turn mowers swear by them. Once you get a “hang” of a zero-turn, you are hooked. If you are like me in that you hate doing a countless number of passes with a conventional mower, you would love a zero-turn. Zero-turn mowers provide close trimming, contouring and offer means to do intricate cuts.

Just like the name suggests, these mowers can maneuver lawns with zero-turn radius. Of course, this benefit is less pronounced on open lawns and gardens, however more useful in the corners and areas where it is difficult to maneuver. The same goes if you have a lot of seedlings as going around them becomes less frustrating with these units.

On the other hand, these mowers are not best suited for mowing on wet soil. The soil will be compacted and will be left with ruts. It will rut damp grounds very quick, so better avoid for that purpose.

Our review of 10 Best Zero-Turn Mowers would give you a more in-depth analysis of top zero-turn mowers.

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